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  barry Warden Builders is a family owned and operated company.
      It was established in 1955 by my father, Don Warden. At that time it operated as Don Warden Builders, and then proceeded to be passedon to his 3 sons in the years to follow.
      My brothers and I learned from an early age that quality and honesty were of the most important services we could provide for our customers.
      We pride ourselves on giving a fair and accurate Turn Key estimate.We are a company that enjoys, and specializes in building high quality, custom homes. Unlike many contractors, it is not uncommon to see us still today stick build roof rafters right on site, or custom build a fireplace straight from a picture in the customers favorite magazine. Perhaps custom made cabinetry, or a custom made wood door is more your liking, we do it all to your specifications.
      We believe that a custom home is what you choose it to be. Your choices are what we estimate when giving you a price. We do not charge an extra fee for the special items that make your house custom to you and your family.
All of your choices are figured when getting an estimate from Barry Warden Builders. We include the driveway, the sidewalks, and the lawn, unless otherwise chosen by you.
      We pride ourselves on giving the customer the most for their money and a good investment for the future.
      We use high quality products in all of our homes, to find out more about many of the products that we often use please click on the links listed

Owens Corning Shingles, Anderson Windows, Alcoa Siding, Belden Brick and Mohawk flooring.

Cambridge, Ohio

Custom Fire Places and lights